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Mar 5, 2011 7:00am EST
preventative but no one is asking me. >> if you look at the overall trend that this report shows america is becoming an unmarried nation to a greater degree. we are marrying later and having children later in life. these are a necessity. things that are not only about women but men as well. >> for people across class, this is something that everyone needs access to. professional women who want ph.d.s and put off having children down to women in their first starting to date and all this. the the things you need across class. >> question all the way in the back. >> i am annabel fisher. did a professional trained clinician. my question is the two part question. how large was your sample? and when you look at women in the work force, did you take into account the men and women coming back from the wars iraq, iran and afghanistan? which has absolutely changed their family situation, financial situation and the need which is quite important to look at, both parents working or single-family, announcing change and the second thing i would like to ask in regards to domestic violence because i wor
Mar 19, 2011 6:00am EDT
. economics matters, energy policy matters, foreign policy matters. america's capacity to lead matters. experience matters. wide-eyed favor governors? i've ever devised because they have been in the firing line of chief executives of a large public entity that had to make decisions in the public domain. that experience is important. i urge you as we go forward to the next 11:00 months, left its shortened by the process. about 11 or 12 months we as citizens are called on to make important sources. we have to decide whom we will support. i just ask that you take the time to think about this serious parts of the decision. the decisions should be based on philosophy, perspectives, issues, based on experience, at capacity to lead, based on an understanding of what the responsibility of the job is. if you do that i suspect the country no matter where you come down as an individual, if we all do that and go through the process, i suspect the country will be a bit better off than if we fail to do our homework. you're very nice to let me come down and visit with you. i think you very much, and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2